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We provide your dog with an enormous, newly renovated 13,000-square-foot play area spanning both inside and outside. Doggy Playcare is an outlet for your dog to romp around and burn off built-up energy. The benefits of Doggy Playcare are astounding! Dogs are social animals and benefit from interaction and stimulation both physically and mentally. Your dog will make new friends, play all day, and be tuckered out by the time you come to pick them up.

Do not confuse ÜBERDOG with a standard dog daycare operation. This is dog daycare with a whole new twist – intuitive, energetic, and shaped by the world’s most simple and sought-after question: What do dogs want? ÜBERDOG is an entirely new concept in the dog playcare marketplace that caters to the needs of dogs and their busy owners over anything else.

ÜBERDOG is an upscale Playcare community of trained professional caregivers (Wagologists) with the credentials to not only enhance your dog’s early social and behavioral skills but to also give them the necessary exercise that they need to be healthy and happy pets.

Bring your dog back to school!

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1st day of daycare FREE

* for new daycare dogs

What are the Top Ten Reasons for Doggy Playcare?

1. To socialize your dog with others.

2. To curb destructive behaviors such as barking, biting, digging, etc.

3. To help form lifelong friendships for your pup.

4. Because dogs are really just kids with fur.

5. For that late day at the office or dinner date.

6. Because your dog is your best friend and you love him/her.

7. To aid in potty training.

8. Allows your dog to release that built-up energy and maintain a healthy weight.

9. Can you hold it for 10 hours?!


Black dog grass happy
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Before joining one of our über-Playcare groups, your dog will receive a free 1-day Playcare pass and be required to participate in a Free Meet & Greet to be sure that he/she will do well in the group environment. Call to schedule yours today!

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